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17 December, 2010

Wednesday 15 December 2010, Lahore:

Women’s Fellowship of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Lahore celebrates Christmas with Mashaal Institute for Blinds.

Mrs Rubina Haque, Mrs Serwat Shams and Mrs Christina Jawaid visited a family in Youhannabad which cares for several blind young boys and girls. They were accompanied by Rev Hanook Haque, Pastor of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. The visit turned out to be a unique experience of selfless love and care extended by Mr and Mrs Munawar to blind youngsters whom they lodge, feed and educate at their expense. Some of the beneficiaries live elsewhere and travel everyday from their residences to this family’s home for the day’s programme. The three youngest kids are about 10 years old and the oldest is a Master’s degree holder in Education, aspiring to do a PhD. He also teaches music to various children in different places. The family has employed a female teacher to home-school the children and a maid to cook their meals.

Mr and Mrs Munawar are privileged in eye-sight. But their self-sacrificing spirit has uplifted the unprivileged. It was amazing to see the arrangements made for them and how each of them skillfully moves around the Mashaal Institute.

Women’s Fellowship gave gifts of food items to the family.

Everyone joined in singing Christmas Carols and sharing the love of Jesus.


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