CELEBRATING 150th Anniversary (1860-2010)
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Message from the Pastor

Rev HanookThe privilege of being the Pastor of the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is a blessing which neither me nor my family can ever forget.

I have been a church gore from my childhood and its because of my parents who transferred the love of the House of Lord to our generation, which they learned from their forefathers.

St. Andrew's church (building) has seen many generations in its 150 year’s life. People of different moods and calibers, people richer and poorer. It has seen many ages and stages of prosperity and worse times of runty, but one thing of which I am eye witness is, that when this church building was a ruin, the homes of the congregation were not that blessed, but as soon as the congregation started the renovation of the church building , the families of the congregation experienced the showering of blessing upon their families.

House of the Lord is a source of blessing for us.

Let us be among those who love the house of God like, prophet David, who says:
"My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord...". Ps. 84:2 (NIV)

I thank God for our blessed church.

Rev. Hanook Haque.
  St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
5 Nabha Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: 92 42 3735 1769, info@pcpnabharoad.com
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