CELEBRATING 150th Anniversary (1860-2010)
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Do you like to teach? Do you enjoy creating a hospitable environment? Do you have a listening heart, a leaderís gifts, a desire to care for our buildings or lead our worship through song or prayer? Are you an artist? Can you spend some time with someone who is sick? Do you have a gift for working with youth, the poor, the homeless, the refugee? Is your gift in community organizing, fundraising, planning, deploying human resources? Are you a wise counselor? Do you have talent to help in Sunday School? If you answered yes to any of the above, our church needs you! And you need to give!

Nowadays, we all lead busy lives, and time seems like a rare and precious commodity. There are few better ways to use it, however, than by offering our talents for making our faith community vibrant, welcoming, and compelling. Everyone benefits when through our self-giving more light, mercy and truth is poured out into the world.

How can you get involved? Contact a member of the session, or talk with the Pastor. They will help you discern where you may best put your time and talent to use for the good of all.


  St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
5 Nabha Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: 92 42 3735 1769, info@pcpnabharoad.com
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