CELEBRATING 150th Anniversary (1860-2010)
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St. Andrew’s Presbyterian church is precious to us, but our inner life and our mission in the world do not unfold and thrive by accident! They depend on the generosity of everyone who belongs. God has given us great riches of faith and hope to share with each other and the world, and a splendid heritage to pass on to our children. We respond by being good stewards of these gifts. And that means we give of ourselves. The practice of Christian stewardship leads us to employ our “time, talent, and treasure” in God’s service, so that we can care for and build up the church for the sake of the world God loves.

Special prayers are required for church projects, Defense Presbyterian Church and Mandhiali Sirae Church. Also for Pastor, church session and their families, workers, women fellowship, Youth, Choir.

Families who are facing financial difficulties need your special prayers as well. Keep Universal Peace and Prosperity in your prayers and may God bind powers who motivate people for terrorism.

Pray for our beloved country Pakistan. Peace and Prosperity in the whole country, Minorities living in Pakistan, President and the Prime Minister, and those suffering due to their Christian faith.

God helps all of us here to come to a deeper recognition of His will for us as his people. We are not all the same, and he knows each individual, and his needs, better than anyone - better even than we do ourselves. Please pray for every one of us to have fresh understandings to teach and be risk-takers with the blessings God has given us, both of money and talents. Also pray that God be with us when the risks make us afraid; and pour on us the special sense of delight that comes from being generous, which is a reflection of His face.


  St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
5 Nabha Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: 92 42 3735 1769, info@pcpnabharoad.com
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