CELEBRATING 150th Anniversary (1860-2010)
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Each year on 14th of August the Independence Day is celebrated with traditional pomp and show. Thousands of men, women and children participate in the various events.
There are lots of celebrations all over the country, the streets are full of joyful people singing and dancing. Concerts are held with many pop and classical singers. Parades are held in the major cities. All over the country people decourate their house with colourful decourations. Flags fly on top of each house. At night, fireworks are done in many cities. The whole country is illuminated at night. On this day people pray for the country and think how proud they are to be a Pakistani.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church celebrates the Independence Day along with the whole nation. Here, the members gather to celebrate and pray for our beloved country, peace and prosperity in the whole country. Special prayers are offered for the country heads and continued independence of the nation. S All church families prepare songs of patriotism. The youth also prepares one or two special songs. A special skit or play is also prepared by the Sunday School children. The celebration ends with the National Anthem. The whole program is arranged by the church youth, and is worth seeing.

May God bless our country.


  St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
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