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The church was formed and declared on November 18, 1993 at Naulakha Church, 3-Empress Road Lahore. It has a long history deep rooted in the establishment of the Lahore Church Council of the United Church and the synod of United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan during eighteen fifties and sixties.


The church consists of the people at large, the total estimated number is 300000. It contains over 220 congregations, 208 pastors, 100 church buildings and 80 parsonages. Session is the basic unit which comprises of a pastor and a few elders. The higher body in the presbytery which consists of at least ten sessions. The highest body is the General Assembly which is represented by the ľ delegates of all the presbyteries. The Presbyteries have the central position in the whole system of the church.


The Presbyterian church of Pakistan is actively engaged in the following activities.

  1. Evangelistic Work
  2. The main objective of the church is evangelistic work which is carried mainly by pastors, evangelists and the lay workers. The Church is interested in witnessing for our Lord through all of its members and institutions. It takes care of the spiritual needs of the members of the church through out the country and even abroad. It includes the work of church planting, church growth, counseling and buildings of churches and parsonages.

  3. Education
  4. The church has been a great example of carrying out the education through primary middle and higher secondary school and also the college education. Since 1972 educational service has suffered because of nationalization. We thank to God for an autonomous Presbyterian Education Board which inspite of discouragement has not lost heart but rather has struggled to open new primary, middle and hisgh schools for boys and girls and also established the Boarding houses. At present thousands of students are benefiting from these educational institutions.

  5. Health
  6. The church again is an example of service in the field of health. It has two big hospitals at Sialkot and Taxila which are run by an autonomous Presbyterian Medical Board. Thousands of the sick are being treated here. These hospitals also server to bring health education to the common people. It also tries to create the awareness about sanitation, balanced diet, environment and pollution among the masses.

  7. Literacy
  8. This church began the work of literacy in Pakistan. Now this committee has grown into an NGO, but still PCP has a good number of representatives on itís Board. It is carrying out the work of literacy and non-formal education projects and help the Government to promote literacy in the country.

  9. Theological Education
  10. Another good service rendered by this church is Theological Education. The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan is the initiator of the theological education in Pakistan. It began in 1877 with the beginning of a seminary, which educates the candidates of ministry. The theological education of lay people is also managed through weekly extension classes. This work is done through an autonomous board which is of ecumenical nature.

  11. Agriculture
  12. The church also carries out the service in the field of agriculture mainly helping the cultivators in agriculture techniques, production, preservation of seeds and fertilizers etc.

  13. Social welfare
  14. One of the main activities of this church is the social welfare of the people. It helps the needy, sick, afflicted, disabled, poor, oppressed etc. The church is further interested in human rights, women rights, child labour and minority rights. Thus the church is trying to serve the people in the manner of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  15. Community Development
  16. The Presbyterian Church of Pakistan right from its birth has struggled hard for the development of the people. Under this activity the skills are provided to the young people. Such skills include technical, commercial, lingual, medicinal, mechanical and many other kinds of skills. The activity is also maintained by the autonomous boards and committees which are run by different institutions for the development of individuals as well as communities.

  17. Future Vision
  1. Women Ministry

  2. Children Ministry

  3. Youth Ministry

  4. The Church wants to provide education to many poor people without any distinction of religion, race or creed.

  5. The Church has vision to work out new clinics, dispensaries and hospitals for the people at large.

  6. The Church has plans to build new church buildings and parsonages at many places especially meeting the urgent needs.

  7. The church feels it an urgent that the arrangements for the solution of the problems of women, children and youth be made.

  8. The Church is seriously concerned to express solidarity with the poor, needy, disabled, under privileged and oppressed.

  9. The Church is interested in the welfare of the local congregations, the people around it.

  10. Rural pastors and congregations are on our priority in order that they may also enjoy the abundant life in Christ. The church wants to do it through subsidizing them financially.


  St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
5 Nabha Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: 92 42 3735 1769, info@pcpnabharoad.com
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